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"Football and International Relations" Panel Speaker

Dr Renata Włoch
(University of Warsaw)

Renata Włoch is a sociologist and IR researcher. Since 2008 she works as an Adjunct Professor at the Institute of Sociology, the University of Warsaw. She specializes in sociology of international relations and global social processes. Since 2009 she works in a think-tank organization affiliated at the UW Social Action 2012, focusing on social aspects of the European Football Championships in Poland.



Selected publications:

  • Nowa era nuklearna [A New Nuclear Era], Wydawnictwo Adam Marszałek 2004
  • Polityka integracji muzułmanów we Francji i Wielkiej Brytanii [The politics of the integration of Muslims in France and the Great Britain], Wydawnictwa Uniwersytetu Warszawskiego, 2011
  • UEFA as a new agent of global governance. A case study of relations between UEFA and the Polish government against the background of the UEFA EURO 2012, "Journal of Sport and Social Studies", (forthcoming)

Global Sport Organizations as New Actors of Global Governance: A Case of FIFA and UEFA


The aim of the paper is to characterize the global sporting organizations, and in particular – the international football federations (FIFA and UEFA)-  as new actors of global order. The paper describes the evolution of the modes of functioning of those two organizations and discusses their role as global governors in the area of global sport that is manifested in the shape of an emerging regime of lex sportiva. The global sport is thus presented as one of the fields of global governance, characterized by the existence of the intricate web of interests of diverse global actors, concentrated around the sports mega-events, such as Mundial or the Euro Championships. The empirical part of the paper focuses on the relations between UEFA and Poland in the context of the UEFA Euro 2012. The analysis leads to conclusion that the nation-state, trying to realize its national interests via nation branding during the mega-event, is compelled to compromise its sovereign power to other global actors, such as media, global corporations and the international sports federations.


Global Sport Organizations as New Actors of Global Governance: A Case of FIFA and UEFA

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