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"Social Action 2012" Research Programme Presenters

Prof. Anna Giza-Poleszczuk
(University of Warsaw)

Prof. Anna Giza-Poleszczuk, a sociologist and marketing researcher; leader of numerous scientific and research projects in the area of civil society, including sport activity; professor at the Institute of Sociology, the University of Warsaw. She specializes in the issues of social capital, family in interdisciplinary approach, evolutionary sociology and marketing in the sociological perspective.




Aleksandra Gołdys, MA
(University of Warsaw)

Aleksandra Gołdys is a sociologist, social researcher and a PhD Candidate at Professor Robert B. Zajonc Institute of Social Studies at the University of Warsaw. At Social Action 2012 she is responsible for the research in the area of sport for everyone and for co-operation with the partners in the field.

Members of the research team are also dr Renata Włoch and Agata Dembek, MA.

Social Action 2012

Programme Info

Social Action 2012 is an initiative of the young sociologists from the University of Warsaw, established in 2008. Our main focus was to research and elaborate the social aspects of organizing UEFA Euro 2012 in Poland and Ukraine. Our objectives were: to promote the idea of importance of sport for everyone within Polish institutions and media discourse, to strengthen the processes of inter-institutional cooperation and learning, to encourage the debate about the self-image of the Poles in the context of the Championship and about social legacy of UEFA Euro 2012. We established several soft, cooperative initiatives within the fields, engaging and networking different governmental and non-governmental Polish institutions.

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