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"Football and International Relations" Panel Keynote Speaker

Dr Richard Elliott
(Southampton Solent University)

Dr Richard Elliott is Associate Professor and Director of the Lawrie McMenemy Centre for Football Research based at Southampton Solent University, UK. He holds degrees from the University of Southampton (BA Hons), the University of Leicester (MSc) and Loughborough University (PhD). His expertise lay in the areas of globalisation, commercialisation and migration in football. Working with the games key stakeholders, Dr Elliott's most recent research has been used to improve working relationships between managers and officials in English professional football; it has also resulted in rule changes in England’s Premier League.

Dr Richard Elliott provides academic support for the Football Association and education and research support for the League Managers Association. He has also worked in conjunction with the Premier League and a number of professional clubs. Additionally, he provides expert support for the British and foreign media, appearing in print, on radio and television.

Football and International Relations: People, Places, Power


The intention of this paper is to introduce a number of issues relating to football and international relations within the context of a broader range of global processes.  Specifically, the paper focusses on issues relating to people, places and power by; examining a range of issues concerning the migrations of workers in football; discussing the more integrative approach taken to the awarding of major competitions by FIFA and UEFA; and by analysing the complex series of dynamic and fluid power ratios that shape professional football's contemporary global economy.  The paper concludes by arguing that football, at the professional level at least, faces a number of challenges in the future.  These challenges involve; issues of dependent development for peripheral football nations; legacy for emerging and transitional football economies; and financial regulation to redistribute flows of power.


Football and International Relations: People, Places, Power

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