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Conference Registation

Regular Participants

Mr Krzysztof Augustyn (Academy of Physical Education in Cracow)
Mr Grzegorz Bargiela (University of Warsaw)
Mr Leo Bednarkiewicz (University of Geneva)
Mr Damian Białek (University of Warsaw)
Mr Paweł Bieniek (Academy of Physical Education in Cracow)
Mr Adrian Byłeń (University of Warsaw)
Ms Suzan Gibril (Université Libre de Bruxelles)
Mr Kamil Giemza (University of Warsaw)
Ms Ekaterina Gloriozova (Université Libre de Bruxelles)
Mr Grzegorz Knap (University of Warsaw)
Ms Beata Kostecka (University of Warsaw)
Mr Jan Kozłowski (University of Warsaw)
Ms Ilona Łukaszuk (University of Warsaw)
Mr Dominik Morgała (University of Warsaw)
Mr Victor Napoletano (University of Warsaw)
Mr Mathis Palm (Maastricht University)
Mr Marcin Pałucki (Pałucki Trusiński Law Firm)
Mr Jakub Pietrasik (University of Warsaw)
Dr Przemysław Pietraszewski (The Jerzy Kukuczka Academy of Physical Eduaction in Katowice)
Ms Magdalena Piętka (University of Warsaw)
Ms Agata Poczmańska (University of Warsaw)
Mr Mieszko Rajkiewicz (University of Warsaw)
Ms Ewa Szkop (University of Warsaw)
Ms Paulina Świątek (University of Warsaw)
Mr Karol Tatar (National Defence University in Warsaw)
Mr Michał Trociuk (University of Warsaw)
Ms Svetlana Trunova (University of Warsaw)
Mr Łukasz Wełpa (University of Warsaw)
Ms Jolanta Winiarska (Ciszewski MSL)
Ms Monika Zuzaniuk (University of Warsaw / Palucki Trusiński Law Firm)

Registration Form

Registration is obligatory for every participant of the Conference, regardless of his/her role (speaker, delegate, listener, student, journalist etc.). All applications for the conference should be filled into registration form and submitted by e-mail to: football@uw.edu.pl.

Key Dates

The deadline for registration was October 31st, 2012. The registration is closed now.

Conference Fee

Conference fee is 300 PLN / 75 EUR and is obligatory only for delegates providing papers/speeches. Admission for other participants is free of charge. Total income of conference fees will cover the organizational costs, including the publication. Detailed information about payment will be provided to all authors of papers qualified for the conference.

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