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Call for Papers

Conference Panels and Topics

Conference consists of five panels, each supported by proposed topics of papers:

Panel no. 1 - Football and Politics

  1. Football and the state
  2. Football as a political tool/element of state's machinery
  3. Football and democratic/non-democratic regimes
  4. Football and political ideologies
  5. Football and nationalism, race and ethnicity
  6. Football and national, regional and transnational identities
  7. Football as an area/mean of political expression
  8. Football clubs/organizations as political actors
  9. Political roots of development of football
  10. Football diffusion in time and space
  11. Football and internal security
  12. Football and corruption

Panel no. 2 - Football and International Relations

  1. Football as a factor in international relations
  2. Football as a metaphor of war
  3. Football diplomacy
  4. Football as a tool in foreign policy
  5. Football as a mean to achieve peace
  6. International football organizations
  7. FIFA and continental federations as transnational actors - missions, ideologies, policies
  8. Political context of international football matches and tournaments
  9. Football and globalization
  10. Football and international migrations
  11. Football tourism
  12. Political economy of football
  13. Commodification of football

Panel no. 3 - Football and Society

  1. Football as a social institution
  2. Football as a tool in social policy
  3. Football, social change and social structure
  4. Football and social inclusion/exlcusion
  5. Football as a mean of integration
  6. Football and social mobility
  7. Evolution of the social base of football
  8. Football and social capital
  9. Football fandom
  10. Football fans - social movements and communities
  11. Social roots of football violence and hooliganism
  12. Football rivalries in divided cities, societies and states
  13. Social values of football
  14. Football, racism and anti-racism
  15. Football and gender
  16. Football cultures
  17. Football match as a cultural show and anthropological ritual
  18. Football heroes, myths and legends
  19. Football team as a reflection of society
  20. "Against modern football" movement
  21. Grassroot Football and Pick-up Soccer
  22. Football and Economics

Panel no. 4 - Football and Media

  1. Football media market
  2. Football marketing
  3. Global football audiences
  4. Football brands
  5. Football and new media
  6. Football social and political campaigns
  7. Football journalism
  8. Football as a tool of propaganda
  9. Football as a platform of promotion of values
  10. New 'off-the-field' roles of football players
  11. Football in popular culture

Panel no. 5 - Football in Europe

  1. Football and European integration
  2. Europeization of football
  3. Football and EU law
  4. Bosman Ruling and transformation of European football
  5. European labour market and football
  6. EU's anti-doping policies
  7. Football and four economic freedoms
  8. Use of structural funds and cohesion policy for the development of football
  9. Football and European identity
  10. Local, regional, national and transnational identities in European football
  11. European football competitions and European integration


Submissions of individual papers on the above themes or any other area of discussion relevant to issues of the political and social role of football are all invited. Abstracts of 200-300 words for papers should be filled into application form and submitted by e-mail to: football@uw.edu.pl. The deadline for paper applications is September 30th, 2012.

Submitted abstracts will be reviewed by the Scientific Comitte. Authors will obtain feedback regarding the acceptance of their proposals till October 8th, 2012.

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